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Greg Williams, Owner of SERVPRO of East Gainesville

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

Greg williams standing in from of SERVPRO sign Meet Greg Williams, Owner of SERVPRO of East Gainesville, Florida

Meet Greg Williams, Owner of SERVPRO of East Gainesville, Florida. Greg's family the Williams, opened their SERVPRO franchise located in Ocala, Florida in 1974 making them one of the oldest and most successful SERVPRO operations in the United States! Now today, with a third SERVPRO franchise located in East Gainesville, Greg's vision is to be just as successful helping families and businesses recover from damages 24/7 365 days a year. His plans are building a solid production team, office and marketing professionals as well. Just as in Ocala, Florida, Greg will increase his size of operations to include Construction services. This way SERVPRO of East Gainesville can offer 100% recovery services that will include rebuilding. Join the Greg William's team by calling 352-732-6630 and apply today!

SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan in action-Gainesville, FL.

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment located in hotel room Emergency Ready Plan works with SERVPRO drying equipment in place!

When a Hotel had a sprinkler head cause a flood which affected several floors, hallways and rooms, the maintenance supervisor for the hotel management company called SERVPRO of East Gainesville When asked how he came about calling SERVPRO of East Gainesville he replied we have an Emergency Ready Plan with you guys. The CEO and the GM of the hotel management group also told us how much they appreciated the fast response to the damage. The owner of the hotel itself was also very happy with the team and the results SERVPRO of East Gainesville was achieving in a short time. What was exciting to Mike Webb, SERVPRO of East Gainesville Director of Business Development was when the hotel management group General Manager took out her iPhone and showed Mike her SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan App! 

SERVPRO of East Gainesville Can Pack Out Fire Damages

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Photo of SERVPRO content boxes SERVPRO of East Gainesville can safely and professionally pack up your contents after a fire damage.

Fire damage can be devastating and very emotional specially when precious personal family treasures are at risk. Smoke, soot, dust and water can reek havoc on the contents of a building that has suffered a fire damage. SERVPRO of East Gainesville has years of experience of fire damage restoration and understands how important it is to clean and protect your valuable contents. Part of the fire damage clean up is to carefully pack up all contents to either be cleaned at our SERVPRO facility, or after they have been cleaned on site of the fire damage. The Pack Out operation includes making sure the items are inventoried, labeled and stored in a climate controlled storage. This way when the building is cleaned, the contents can be placed back in the home. 

SERVPRO of East Gainesville Is Growing!

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of East Gainesville Team standing in front of vans SERVPRO of East Gainesville Team is Growing and Growing!

SERVPRO of Ocala opened the doors in 1974 and has been growing every since. With the new franchises opening up like SERVPRO of South Marion County and SERVPRO of East Gainesville. We just don't think of ourselves as a team but more of a Family. We offer to all the opportunity to grow and prosper in the wonderful Restoration Industry. SERVPRO of East Gainesville has created a warm family type environment where we support each other and encourage growth into leadership. We believe our employees will also pass along this type of professional and friendly service to all our customers everyday. This is Why you will be satisfied and happy when you Choose our SERVPRO of East Gainesville family of professionals who are "Here To Help"

Know The Three Categories of a Water Damage

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Chart of the 3 categories of a water damage Knowing The Three Categories of Water Damage

SERVPRO of East Gainesville wants you to know what the 3 categories of water damage are:

Category 1 water damage refers to water damage that has been caused by water that came from a sanitary source—floods caused by broken water supply lines, a toilet tank, a faucet, or a failed water heater, for example, would fall into this category. 

Category 2 water damage includes water that is contaminated in some way, and could cause health effects if ingested. Grey water can come from instances like a washing machine overflow, a toilet overflow with urine, or a dishwasher overflow. In these cases, the water likely contains unsafe levels of microorganisms and/or a hospitable environment for the growth of microorganisms.

The highest level of water damage, Category 3 refers to damage caused by grossly unsanitary water. Black water contains human and/or animal waste, along with other contaminants that could cause severe health effects if ingested. Sources of Category 3 water damage can include sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, wind driven rain, water from beyond the toilet trap, and standing water that has begun to support microbial growth.